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St. Louis Personal Injury Lawer
St louis personal injury lawyer
At the St Louis Law Firm of Stephen A. Walsh...

         Clients Come First.

St louis injury, workers compensation, accident lawyer

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Steve Walsh is a St Louis Personal Injury Attorney, dedicated to cases involving Workplace Injuries, Car Accidents, Worker’s Compensation, Carpal Tunnel, Negligence and more.

At the Law Firm of Stephen A. Walsh, each client is treated with courtesy and respect. We fight for your right to Full Compensation. No matter how hard defendants, their attorneys, and insurance carriers try to denigrate and destroy your claim, we stand by you all the way to the end.

You can be certain that each case, whether by settlement or hard-fought judgment at trial, will be resolved at Full Value for You.

St louis injury lawyer, fighting for your rights

st louis injury trial attorney, fighting for your rightsStephen A. Walsh, a Trial Lawyer who Fights for your Legal Rights in the areas of:

Personal Injury  -  Car Accident

Truck Accidents  -  Medical Malpractice

Family Law  -  Divorce  -  Custody

                Malpractice  -  Social Security

Lawyer for car accidents, workers compensation

"Through my years of
trial experience, insurance companies have learned the hard way that the Law Firm of Stephen A. Walsh will never settle for less than our clients' right to full legal recovery. Insurance companies know they will always pay full value to our clients, whether by settlement or by Fighting it out at Trial".

We simply will not accept unfair settlement offers...Period!

Stephen A. Walsh

steve walsh fights for your rights in court

For years, Stephen A. Walsh has been known as one of the premier Personal Injury Trial Lawyers in St Louis. He, not a team of Paralegals, handles every case personally from beginning to end, NEVER COLLECTS money upfront on an injury case and only receives standard fees when you collect.

The Law Firm of Stephan A. Walsh gives you the tools to put the power of knowledge in your hands.

Visit our
St Louis Legal Resources page for informative links regarding areas beyond our field of practice:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestos
  • Asbestosis

These resources give you the information that you need to help make a difference in your recovery and put you back on the path to good health.           

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Free Legal Tips:

  • Car Accidents: 1st, make sure everyone's ok. If so, call the police, take pictures of all vehicles and the scene itself, and only speak to the other driver to exchange insurance info. Then call an injury lawyer. Remember, what you say after an accident can be used against you. It's important to speak to a car accident lawyer while you're at the scene.
  • Injured at Work: Quickly file a written report of injury with your supervisor, but don't talk to their insurance reps. until you speak with an injury lawyer. Remember, they're trained to get you on record saying anything that may release them from their responsibility to help you recover.
  • Had a Slipped and Fall Accident: Same as above. Report the incident, but don't give any documented statements without speaking to an injury lawyer 1st.
  • Carpal Tunnel: Also, similar to the above. Don't have any conversation before speaking to your carpal tunnel lawyer.
  • Divorce: Much of what you do in the latter part of your marriage can dictate what you lose or gain in the proceedings. Resist moving out, relinquishing possession of property or doing anything that might be frowned upon by a Judge. Much of what people lose in a divorce is due to bad advice. Don't be uninformed. Speak to an experienced divorce lawyer before doing anything.

st louis trial lawyer, fighting for your rights to compensation Steve Walsh fights hard for Your Legal Rights and to get you the Full Value Settlement or Judgment that you deserve.

For all cases involving Personal Injury, Traffic Tickets, Social Security Disability, Workers Comp, Med Mal law and more.

Call or email Steve Walsh to begin fighting for your legal rights today.

car accidents, workers comp, brain injury lawyer

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